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Saturday, July 23, 2011

GRCA Says Conserve Your Water

The Grand River Conservation Authority is warningeveryone to be careful in their use of water. But really, after a solid week of summer heat wave and the fact we haven't had a real rain in over a month does this press release come as a surprise? I thought not.
GUELPH, ON, July 22, 2011—The City of Guelph and other Grand River watershed communities are asked to limit outdoor water use following a meeting of the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) Low Water Response Team.
The City’s Outside Water Use Program (OWUP) is currently in Level 0 – Blue, which stipulates careful water use. However, if hot and dry weather persists and local river levels decrease, the City—along with others in the watershed—may need to implement increased outside water use restrictions until watershed conditions recover. For Guelph, that would move the city into Level 1 - Yellow of its Outside Water Use Program.
Right now, under OWUP Level 0 – Blue, alternate day and time lawn watering restrictions are in place, meaning that odd numbered addresses may water on odd numbered days, and even numbered addresses on even numbered days—only between 7 - 9 a.m. and 7 - 9 p.m.
A yellow lawn is not a dead lawn; it is a sign that grass has become dormant. Until conditions return to normal, watering dormant grass will not bring it back to health. Residents are asked to use water wisely. A reduction in non-essential outside water use will make more of Guelph’s limited groundwater supply available for critical uses.
For information about the Grand River Conservation Authority, visit www.grandriver.ca. Details regarding Guelph’s Outside Water Use Program and Current Conditions Reports are available at guelph.ca/water.


Manginho said...

Conserving water should be a year round thing.


Environmental Training Courses said...

Actually we should save water everyday. It doesn't have to be big, even smallest efforts can help conserve water.