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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ATU Local 1189 Press Release

Here's the press release that was forwarded  to me by ATU Local 1189 President Gary Daters. They're looking for public support to keep 20-minute service this summer and stop the 25 cent fare hike:

Your city transit workers are very disappointed and upset with the current proposal before city council to reduce summer service frequency.
As was demonstrated last summer, 30 minute service just doesn’t work. Buses were routinely late and transfers were often missed. Your bus routes are just too busy to provide reliable, on time service with this change, as we saw last year. We feel that patrons of Guelph Transit deserve better.
That is why we made this a key issue during our negotiations with the City. We don’t want a repeat of last summer for the public, or for our union members. We are particularly upset that just one day after our members voted to accept the agreement, the City announced the proposed service cuts; after we were assured that there wouldn’t be any. This gives the impression that the City bargained in bad faith.
We are prepared to use every avenue at our disposal if we and the people who rely on proper service, face fare increases combined with service cuts again.
We are encouraging the people who depend on this most important service provided by the City to contact their council members and mayor to support the dependable on-time 20 minute service during this period.
Gary Daters
President / Business Agent
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1189

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