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Friday, February 19, 2016

OPEN SOURCES GUELPH BEAT #1 - CUPE and Affordable Housing

Do you like Open Sources Guelph, but hate when we talk about issues going on in places other than Guelph? Good news, we have a brand new podcast that takes the Guelph segments from Open Sources, and spins them off in a convenient half-hour dish called Open Sources Guelph Beat. (I know, what an original title!)

For this first edition of Open Sources Guelph Beat, Soctty Hertz and I address the following topics:
Don’t Get CUPE with City Hall. The first negotiations between the City of Guelph and three Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) locals that are currently trying to secure new contracts began a few weeks ago. With controversy already in the air, will the City – who is already in mediation with the local firefighters – be able to secure a new contract with ease, or are we in for a year of labour strife??
What’s Affordable in Guelph? The City of Guelph is developing a new strategy to spur the development of affordable housing in the Royal City. With housing prices only heading in one direction, up, and social housing being handled by Wellington County, this is a move that Guelph can make in order to make some more room in the city, which has a vacancy rate of around one per cent. But can the City talk about affordable housing independent of social housing needs though, and can there be such a thing as affordable in a red hot market that’s showing no signs of cooling off?
Listen to the first episode of Open Sources Guelph Beat below.

You can download more podcasts off the Guelph Politicast channel on Podbean, including episodes of the Guelph Politicast, and full episodes of Open Sources Guelph. 

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