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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Local Reactions to Events on Parliament Hill

Today's events in Ottawa, which are still unfolding, is a startling reminder that shocking acts of violence can happen anywhere, even Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Even where we are, several miles away from the nation's capital, Guelphites are affected by events, glued to social media, glued to TVs, digesting any update great or small, rumor or fact. Here's some local reaction to the events.
Guelph's MP, Frank Valeriote, he send out this tweet about an hour after the lockdown began:

Outgoing Guelph Chamber of Commerce President Lloyd Longfeld was in Ottawa today, and in the affected area of the lockdown. He's alright as well, and found the time to do some light reading:

As for all things official, Mayor Karen Farbridge released this statement earlier today:
Guelph, ON, October 22, 2014 – The news of a shooting on Parliament Hill has shocked our community. I have been in touch with our Member of Parliament, Frank Valeriote, and am relieved that he is safe and locked down on Parliament Hill. I am also glad to report that Guelph Chamber of Commerce President Lloyd Longfield, who is also in downtown Ottawa today, is safe.

I know all of Guelph joins me in hopes that emergency responders, members of the public, staff and elected officials are all kept safe and out of harm’s way as this crisis continues to unfold.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Canadian soldier who was shot at the War Memorial. I am grateful for the bravery of the police, House of Commons security guards, and emergency responders who are responding to this situation.

Our thoughts are with Ottawa as we pray for a speedy end to this crisis.

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