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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ward 6 Puts a Name on the Ballot

The long dought is over. After nearly a month with no new names on the ballot, another Guelphite has thrown his hat into the ring of the October 27 municipal election, and he's done so by being the first in the field to represent Ward 6. Mark MacKinnon (no relation to the Globe and Mail reporter of the same name), filed his papers today and let local media - including this blog - know that he'll being “Engaging Our Community” and campaigning to represent Guelph's southern most ward in the next council.
MacKinnon, a married father of two, is a long time resident of the Royal City. According to a campaign press release he studied at the University of Guelph and remained in town becoming a successful businessman. He's been a part of several community groups including the Upper Grand District School Board’s Parent Involvement Council, Westminster Woods Public School Parent Council, Westminster Woods Mutual Use Committee, and Guelph Spoken Word.
MacKinnon says that his campaign motto is “Engaging Our Community” and his three goals in mind as he takes to the election trail are creating an informed electorate, better traffic management, and growth that's progressive while respecting the taxpayer. 
“I am absolutely honoured to stand before the great residents of Ward 6 and ask for their support in this coming election” said MacKinnon. “For too long, the voices of Ward 6 have been underrepresented, lacking accessible and regular communication between Guelph council and its south end citizens. It’s time for a change.”

There's no word yet as to whether or not Karl Wettstein or Todd Dennis, the two incumbent councillours for Ward 6, tend to stand for re-election. Wettstein was first elected in 2006, and Dennis was elected in 2010.
More election news as it develops. You can follow the MacKinnon campaign at http://ward6guelph.ca/

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Mark MacKinnon said...

Thanks for supporting my announcement by spreading the word! Greatly appreciate it.