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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poore Makes it a Race in Ward 6

It's been nearly two months since nominations for the 2014 Municipal election were opened, and since those first fast and furious couple of weeks in January, things have kind of chilled out when it comes to the local ballot. That might explain why when a new name joined the race earlier this week, I missed it. In re-dressing that oversight, I introduce to you now Keith Poore, the latest candidate to thow his hat into the ring to join city council.

If Poore stands out for any reason as a candidate, it's because he's the youngest person to file his papers so far. The 24-year-old is a  masters student in biophysics at the University of Guelph, so obviously he's looking to stand up for the youth vote in town. "I feel like sometimes the youth aren't really given a chance to speak," Poore said told Scott Tracey for his Guelph Today blog. "We often hear the youth are the future, but how can that be when we don't really have a voice?"
Poore joins a race in Ward 6 that so far only includes local businessman Mark MacKinnon, who declared his candidacy earlier this month. So far, neither of the incumbents in Ward 6 - Karl Wettstein and Todd Dennis - have declared their 2014 candidacy. All wards in Guelph with the exception of Ward 1 have at least one candidate declared for the October 27 election.
You can follow Poore on Twitter @keith4ward6

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