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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guelph Politicast Extra - Today's Ford News

So it turns out that when he said he didn't, he did. Today's revelation by Mayor Rob Ford that he did indeed smoke crack though he can't remember the circumstances or the fact that somebody filmed it, came as something as a shock. But it was secondary to the revelation that Ford, having admitted his mistake (finally!), refused to step down, either permanently or temporarily, as a result of his drug use. Between the doings in Toronto and the pending vote to suspend three senators in Ottawa, it's hard to imagine a busier news day, and it seems like a great chance to engage in some of this newfangled rich media like podcasting.
I decided to try something different with today's news. Instead of typing out an exhaustive article chronicling all the day's developments, I recorded a special edition of the Politicast to discuss the day's events and some of my thoughts on the subject. Have a listen to the full podcast below.

And here's the list of links mentioned in the podcast:

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