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Monday, July 22, 2013

Thunderstorm Clean-Up Ongoing Issue for City

It appears that there will be some lingering effects from the weekend's stormy activity, namely a lot of cleaning up for city workers.
The City of Guelph sent out a rundown of the situation in a new press release the morning. Read the full text below:
GUELPH, ON, July 22, 2013 – Following the July 19, 2013 thunderstorm experienced by the City of Guelph, City staff will continue to clean up the debris over the next several weeks in a priority system.

As a first priority, City staff will clear roads and right-of-ways to allow for the safe passage of vehicles. Staff will also clear City owned trees from driveways and entrance ways, clean up public parks, and remove all other debris from City owned trees.

Residents are urged to respect ‘Do not enter’ markings in parks and treed areas, as there are still damaged tree limbs in the tree canopy that may fall before City crews can safely remove them.

The City cannot assist in cleaning up or clearing trees on private property. Residents are encouraged to contact their local tree service and/or bring broken tree limbs to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre on Dunlop Drive for free disposal.

City staff are working with Guelph Police Service and Guelph Hydro in a coordinated manner to ensure public safety and prompt clean-up efforts.

Please contact Public Works reception at (519) 837-5628 or operations@guelph.ca to report concerns involving City trees.

The City thanks residents for their patience as staff work diligently to address this unplanned weather event.

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