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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bad Day to Go Down to River

The images from the flooding in Toronto yesterday were incredible, the modern metropolis and all its trappings torn asunder by a lot of water appearing very suddenly. Well no one in Guelph has yet had to be rescued from a train by the police marine unit, nor have they seen their basement flooded or have been forced to abandon their car in the middle of a highway-turned-river, but city officials are warning residents to stay clear of local water sources in these overly wet times. 
The press release from city hall is below:
GUELPH, ON, July 9, 2013 – The banks of the Speed and Eramosa rivers are overflowing near Royal City Park and Silvercreek Park. Residents are asked to use caution when near creeks, streams, and rivers. Please keep pets leashed and away from river banks.

Some low lying park trails may be impacted. It is anticipated that the flooding will not affect roads or major infrastructure.

Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) issued a water safety message earlier today, noting heavy rains will result in higher flows and reservoir levels.

GRCA and City staff are monitoring the situation and will continue to do so throughout the night.
City drainage systems are operating well at this time with no major street flooding issues reported.

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