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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Third Party" Candidates Re-Upping for 2011

The slate is lined up in Guelph for the four major parties in this election, but last time around, the Royal City had 10 candidates on the ballot. Will have something similar this time out? It's a possibility as the Guelph Mercury took a straw poll of the candidates and parties from the 2008 election, and discovered that some old, familiar names will be throwing their hats in the ring again.

Kornelis Klevering (Radical Marijuana Party)
Votes Last Election: 166
Status: Apparently, Mr Klevering is in Thailand currently, and unable to run. No word on whether the Marijuana Party will be running a new candidate here.

Philip Bender (Libertarian Party)
Votes Last Election: 159
Status: Running again.

Drew Garvie (Communist Party)
Votes Last Election: 77
Status: No one from the Communist Party returned calls from the Mercury

Karen Levenson (Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party)
Votes Last Election: 73
Status: Running again.

John Turmel (Independent)
Votes Last Election: 58
Status: The man who's run-in and lost 72 elections is in the process of deciding whether he's going to run in his home town Brantford, or if he's returning to Guelph, which he calls "more democratic."

Manuel Couto (Marxist-Leninist Party)
Votes Last Election: 29
Status: Nothing yet from the Marxist-Leninist Party, but then again they were barely here last election. Seriously, I couldn't pick Manuel Couto out of a police line-up.

The final ballot won't be announced until after the close of nominations on Monday April 11th.

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