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Friday, March 18, 2011

That Looks Familiar

Double-take alert! Does this remind you of something?

If you said the layout of the ads Liberal MP Frank Valeriote places in the paper when he's bring a special guest to town, you'd be right. Except this ad is from Federal Conservative candidate Marty Burke, who's sponsoring a visit from Laurie Hawn, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defense today. Their topic of choice is Old Age Pensions and Veterans' Benefits, but if you go you'll be talking about it at the splendiferous Delta Hotel and Conference Centre rather than Valeriote's venue of choice, The Italian Canadian Club. 
I mearly point this out as a bit of layout geek humour. I actually applaud Burke for his efforts to bring a little governmental openess to the City of Guelph. It's these kinds of open houses and conversations with influencial and high-profile members of government that, to me, have made Valeriote's tenure as Guelph MP an interesting one. And considering that Guelph is a Red spot in a vast sea of Blue, I highly suspect Mr. Burke will asking more of his all-star colleagues to pop in during the next election... Whenever that will be.

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