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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gravel, Ground Water and Discussion

Speaking of issues coming back to haunt, the Council of Canadians is sponsoring a townhall to discuss the impact of developments and new construction on our local water systems, specifically the Grand River watershed. Read further for full details:

Event: Council of Canadians, Guelph Chapter is hosting a panel discussion at Harcourt Memorial United Church, 87 Dean Ave, Guelph, ON on Thursday, June 3rd at 7pm (right in the middle of Canadian Environment Week).

Townhall on Growth, Gravel and Groundwater!

Expert panelists will discuss the impact of quarries, pipelines, roads and new-builds on our future sustainability within the city and Grand River watershed. Are there problems ahead for us? Food security? Water Security? Can plans be altered?

8,000 acres of prime farmland at the top of our watershed is being removed for a 2400 acre quarry 200 ft deep for export of the limestone bedrock from Shelburne to Owen Sound and then across the Great lakes to the west and south?

Ever increasing demand for gravel, limestone and concrete for more and bigger roads and new-builds is taking precedence over our prime agricultural soil and capacity to grow much of our food within the '100 mile diet'.

In full support of 'buy local' initiatives, protection of our Grand River watershed and preservation of prime agricultural land we will discuss the threats and possibilities for modifications to existing land use practices.

Council of Canadians-Guelph Chapter has confirmed panelists from:

1. GravelWatchOntario representing two activist groups (
gravelwatch.org) who have won OMB hearings in their opposition to aggregate companies. FORCE (Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment) and CARRA Cranberry Area Ratepayers and Residents Association

2. Grand River Environmental Network on the proposed Grand River water pipeline to Lake Erie . (www.gren.ca) Guelph Water Supply Master Plan states that "a final decision be reached by 2010 as the Great Lakes Supply discussion moves forward." (www.guelph.ca)

3. North Dufferin Agriculture and Community Taskforce opposing the giant quarry above Luther Marsh, at the top of our headwaters. (

Plus hydrological engineering professional, Dr. Hugh Whiteley

There will be a Q&A session for other growth concerns that can cause dramatic negative changes to our present lifestyles.

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