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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Council Update

So last night was a highly contentious one at the Guelph City Council, and not just because the anti-sprawl protesters supporting the work stoppage at lands designated for the Hanlon Creek Business Park were expected to be there welcoming councillors. I'm not sure what went down on that front, but a couple of other pertinent issues were voted upon.

First, council overturned a committee decision that sought to end bus service on statutory holidays as a cost-cutting measure. Leanne Piper made a compelling argument that canceling the service starting this coming holiday Monday, better known as John Galt Day locally, made no sense with all the activities planned by the city. Considering that the point of events like this is to attract people to get out and enjoy the city, wouldn't it make sense to make it easy for people to do that with a transit option for the car-less. Basically, the timing sucked, if I may paraphrase Piper thusly.

In the end, bus service on stat holiday was spared... for now. The issue will be revisited during budget deliberations in the new year.

Second order of business, the pissoirs (AKA: the outdoor toidies). The Night Life Task Force came back to committee last week with the recommendation that the city spend three-times as much cash to make the pilot project permanent and get some better public urinals. The same questions about enforcing current laws, the responsibility of downtown establishments, and spreading the cost around were raised, but in the end council approved a two-month pilot project for a grand total of $8,400.

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