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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HCBP: Update from On Site

I got this this afternoon through the LIMITS e-mail address, although the e-mail stressed that it was forwarded to them from " the autonomous group of people who have shut down the HCBP construction." Anyway, I post it here now for your consideration:


Tuesday July 28, 3pm

Check out hcbpoccupation.wordpress.com for more information and photos.

Yesterday went off without a hitch. The first day of work was shut down & close to the end of the work day Drexler brought in a small crew to remove the heavy machinery from the site. Yesterday was one of the first hot and sunny days of the summer, but once the engine started on that machine, a massive rain fell and only ended once the machine was far from the site. Also as the machine left the site, a rainbow appeared to frame the machine. Soon after, the police presence was gone & we had a calm, quiet but celebratory night on site. At the end of the day we had a sighting of the blue heron, who calls the creek they are destroying it’s home, it flew
over our heads and into the wetlands for the night.

The city also came with police escorts to inform us that we are trespassing on their property sometime in the late afternoon.

At the same time we were on the site, 25 supporters gathered at city hall before Monday’s council meeting to let the city know that any eviction of the land defenders would be hotly contested.

This morning was good & there has been few sightings of police or workers. Folks have been getting acquainted with the site today, & working around the camp as well as taking walks through the old growth we have come out to defend.

We still need tons of support, you’re welcome to come out to the site and join us. We welcome anyone who can stop by and we really appreciate all the support, food & gifts and honks from the broader community. Come on out to the site to chat with us, the site entrance is just north of laird rd. & downey rd. in the south end of town.

You can get in touch with us by phone at:
519 820 6280 or 519 820 6239
or e-mail us at: hcbpoccupation@gmail.com

we are welcoming all donations & support & media coverage we can get.

The group is also asking people to get in touch with key members of City Hall, from Mayor Farbridge to Ward 6 councillors Ken Wettstein and Christine Billings to Peter Cartwright, General Manager of Economic Development and Tourism.

Stay tuned.

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