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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For the Opposition parties, back when the Liberals were in charge, the days that Auditor General Sheila Fraser came out with a report was analogous to free pizza day at an elementary school. After all, the "Fiberals" lied, mismanaged or misspent money by investing in "boondoggles" like the long gun registry. So the Conservatives have been running the show the last few years, clearly they must be doing a better job, right?

From the Canadian Press: "DND lost $300M from poor accounting, AG says"

And if that doesn't bake your noodle, know that DND stands for Department of National Defence.

Fraser wrote that the money is now "permanently unavailable to the department to meet its ongoing requirements," and that "this is a serious consequence for a department that stated a need for additional funds to fulfill its mandate."

Oh, and then there was this diss: "We would have expected to see that in a department that manages some $19 billion of appropriations each year." And then she tied it off by saying "We found that National Defence's in-year management and monitoring activities may not serve as sufficient oversight for effective resource management."

So what do you have say for yourself Peter MacKay? "There are issues we have to deal with in terms of accounting," he told the House of Commons on Tuesday. "We'll be looking at these important recommendations."

Am I alone in thinking that if this happened in a Liberal government that MacKay would be one of the first to get up red faced in the House and call for the resignation of the minister/the outster of the Liberals/a Parliamentary bitch-out about how the Liberals don't know how to manage taxpayer money? Truly, there seems to be a double standard a foot.

But honestly, I don't blame MacKay, nor should you, because he oversees hundreds of civil servents who are more directly involved in the day to day allocation and monitoring of where those funds go and when. But I do agree that it looks bad that the DND would cry poverty while having $300 mil in a proverbial pants' pocket somewhere. Perhaps it's just the nature of the beast, and though we, as taxpayers, consitently demand improvement in how our money is managed, government will never operate with 100 per cent efficiency.

Wait, what's that Canadian Press article? There's more?

"Natural Resources, which hired a consultant to design funding programs who then worked for groups that successfully applied for the funds, a glaring conflict of interest. Fraser also found that a Crown corporation that oversees federal bridges is so cash-strapped that bridges in Montreal may become safety hazards"

Giving contracts to companies friendly to the party in charge of the government. Wasn't there a thing that time with the other guys that had the current government all mad when they were in opposition? Never mind.

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