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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Rule: Jim Balsillie needs to stop teasing hockey fans

Okay, so this is not about "Guelph" or "Politics" or "Guelph Politics," but I want to say something regardless. Yes, RIM owner Jim Balsillie is "on the prowl" (as described by the National Post) again for an American NHL team that he can rescue form the blistering heat of the southern US and the accumulating debt these franchises are drowning in, and bring them to Canada, where it's safe and sexy.

This time, Balsillie likes the Phoenix Coyotes for a transplant from Arizona to somewhere more hospitable like Hamilton, K-W or Toronto. It's a song we've heard before, and even the most die hard hockey fanatic must be having doubts that no matter how hyped Balsillie is about a move, the stonewalling NHL will only allow it over their dead bodies.

I believe that that's more of a hurdle there as opposed to Balsillie or anyone having to prove that Ontario can support another team. On a recent edition of The Hour, George Stroumboulopoulos asked NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman about his feelings on Balsillie, and although he denies it, you can practically hear the contempt in his voice. The clip starts about 10 minutes in.

It seems the real issue is that Balsillie doesn't play by the Old Boys Rule Book, being too much of a "cowboy" and all, and seemingly it comes across that the NHL would rather shut out a motivated seller because of personal business differences rather than on the basis of any reason that makes factual economic sense. And for this reason, I say don't hold your breath, Balsillie's going to be in the dog house for a long time to come.

And New Rule: If you can count the number of times your city gets ice and snow in a decade on one hand, then you don't get a professional hockey team. But that really should have been self-apparent already.

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