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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the New Normal

Today, I officially turned off the old Guelph By-Election Beat '08 Blog and turned it into Guelph Politico, a more semi-permanent sounding presence on the Guelph political blogging scene.

I got the taste for political blogging during the by-election and subsequent Federal election, but ever since, whenever I've found myself with something political to say, I've been stumped with a place to lash out my occasionally profound observations, or other bits of news I may need to relate. This especially became difficult during the Great Constitutional Crisis and Coalition Freak-Out (GCC&CF-O) of last fall. Oh the humanity! But what could I do?

Well, there was only one thing I could do: and that was to return to the GB-EB'08 site and start blogging again. As these things go though, the rigors of (close to) daily blogging can be a little much, so I couldn't hit full force like I used to, but what I'm aiming for is consistency. I hope to do some heavy blogging (that sounds dirty) going into the budget next week, and whatever may come from that, and then we'll see where we go from there.

It's a big day south of the border. As I write this I can now say "President Obama," which once had an even great sense of improbability than "Prime Minister Harper." All around, there's the feeling that change is coming, but unfortunately I still have at least one cynical voice in my head saying, "Oh yeah..."

Yeah. Well, we'll see. But at least I have a new "home," so to speak, from which to cover it all. Welcome to Guelph Politico.

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