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Friday, January 30, 2009

The City's down with Lafarge deal

As my fans will note, I've done a number of stories about the ongoing fight over the development of the Lafarge site in the city's west end. Well it appears that this fight may be drawing to a close with a deal reached by all sides through mediation. All that's left apparently is the seal of approval of the Ontario Municipal Board.

Here's the press release I just got from the City:

Guelph City Council Endorses Settlement Proposal on former Lafarge lands

GUELPH, ON, January 30, 2009 – An Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) mediation process has resulted in a potential settlement on a proposed development on the former Lafarge lands at 35 and 40 Silvercreek Parkway South. The City of Guelph, together with the Howitt Park Neighbourhood Residents’ Association and Silvercreek Guelph Developments Limited, has agreed to request that the OMB approve a mixed use employment/commercial and residential development on the site at an upcoming OMB hearing.

Key components of the proposed development, the result of a five-month negotiation and mediation process, include proposed official plan and zoning amendments which would permit:

• A main street area for restaurants and other services along Silvercreek Parkway between Paisley Street and Wellington Street;
• A business park, residential community and park on the east side of Silvercreek Parkway; and
• Retail/commercial uses on the west side of Silvercreek Parkway on lands bounded by the Hanlon Expressway, to be phased in over six years to minimize impacts on existing retail/commercial businesses.

The proposed development would be subject to a number of detailed conditions including a requirement to construct an underpass under the CN Rail Line to make Silvercreek Parkway a through street between Paisley and Wellington.

Guelph's mayor Karen Farbridge says the mediation process has been very useful. “Because of the hard work of the three parties, what began as a proposal for pure retail development has evolved into a neighbourhood-friendly development that will serve our city well.”

A further prehearing conference before the OMB is set for February 11. A hearing is scheduled to begin March 2, 2009. The settlement is subject to approval by the OMB.

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