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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who's Cooler Now?

The first weekend of the campaign coincided with a little Guelph tradition called the Hillside Festival. The cool as ice music and community festival at Guelph Lake has been a sellout the last four years, but with Friday's dropping of the writ, organizers were concerned about a different kind of selling out: the politicization of the festival.

Green candidate Mike Nagy was at the Festival in his capacity as a member of the Wellington Water Watchers, supplying concert goers with tap water and educating the public on the need to protect our water resources. It's the second year in a row that WWW has had a presence at Hillside (of course this is their only second year of existence too) and Nagy is one of their most high profile members.

Also at the festival was NDP candidate Tom King, who participated in Sunday's Aboriginal circle and hosted special guest Ed Broadbent, a popular former Federal NDP leader and Member of Parliament. King, by far, is winning the high profile endorsement derby; on his website, he's got Stephen Lewis, Shirley Douglas and Robert Munsch. But perhaps most importantly, he secured the endorsement of Corner Gas' Officer Davis, Lorne Cardinal, who says:

"Tom King is one of those exciting people who makes me hopeful for Canadian politics again."

Powerful words from the man formally known as "The Hawk." (Corner Gas joke, sorry.)

And let us not forget King's ace in the hole: Jack Layton. I was once keeping a running tab of how often he's been in town, but now I'm afraid to say, I've given up. He's back again Tuesday for the official opening of King's campaign office.

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