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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Or, what a difference a day makes.

I took a quick tour around some neighbourhoods in Guelph this evening to see who was winning the sign wars just 2 days into the campaign. Well, I can tell you that from what I've seen Gloria Kovach is winning the lawn sign battle, but its still early and she has the infrastructure to get the head start. As for public spaces it seems that Kovach and Frank Valeriote are running about even keel for coverage.

Here is the corner of Paisley and Silvercreek, and all four corners is a deadlock between the Liberal and Conservative candidate.

Down a bit further at the corner of Paisley and Edinburugh it was much the same story, but this time Green candidate Mike Nagy's trying to squeeze in on the action.

Continuing down Paisley, I reached the intersection at Yorkshire and came to realize that I was now in Tom King country. He and Nagy were duking it for signs on the northeast and southeast corner, but heading down Yorkshire it was all King.

Although on Waterloo, I did find a small Nagy sign on the grass next to the Civic Museum.

My next stop was the very popular corner of Gordon and Waterloo, which is always prime real estate no matter the campaign and this one is no exception.

Heading up Norfolk, I checked out another busy corner: Norfolk and Quebec. And again it was another traffic jam of signage.

I wanted to make one more stop, so I headed up Woolwich, only once confronted by a sign between London and Speedvale (a Valeriote). The corner in question was where it all began for me: Woolwich and Woodlawn and like it all began it was Kovach and Valeriote country, although it looked like Nagy and King has something to say about that.

In actual campaigning news, I saw the Young Liberals out in force yesterday in the Willow/Westwood area. And to think, this is just the beginning.

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