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Thursday, December 10, 2015

LIVE BLOG: City Hall Tries Again with 2016 Operating Budget.

Tonight, city council will try again with the 2016 Operating Budget. The capital budget was approved unanimously last night, but things started to get sticky when after hours of negotiation and debate, the final tally came in at $217,336,736 or 3.42% above 2015. Most of council balked at that number and the budget failed to pass by a motion of 5 to 8. So now what? Council will begin tonight, revising yesterday's close votes in order to sort out again what they need, and what the city can afford. What will the final impact be?

Starting at shortly after 6 pm (there will be a delay as I make my way from CFRU to City Hall), I will be live blogging and tweeting from the city council meeting. You can follow my Twitter feed @adamadonaldson, or you simply follow along her through Storify. It might be a late one, and it might take more than one night, so stay tuned for all the developments/ announcements/ fireworks etc.

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