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Friday, October 16, 2015

Wanna Watch the 'Election Day' Documentary?

ELECTION DAY IN CANADA: When Voter Suppression Comes Calling (promo short) from The Script & Film Co. on Vimeo.

I've written a couple of times now about the documentary Election Day: The Rise of Voter Suppression. It's hard to talk about a movie and get people excited about it when its in development without telling people when they might actually be able to see it. Good news then! Director Peter Smoczynski has posted a 50-minute "first cut" of the film that Canadians can watch for free for the next couple of days.
Unfortunately, I have yet been able to watch the whole thing, but from what I looked at briefly, it seems pretty close to the 47-minute preview that Smoczynski screened at the Bookshelf earlier this month. The point of this "pre-election cut" is to demonstrate the "connecting the dots" between the 2008 robocalls in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, the nation-wide robocall scheme in 2011, and the preamble to this year's election.
It may not change your vote, but Smoczynski's exhaustive research and the various luminaries he got on the record is definitely worth seeing.
To watch the 50-minute first cut:

Click Here!

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