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Monday, September 21, 2015

Police Release Safe Semester Stats from Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming weekend is always the pinnacle of the annual downtown Safe Semester program, the busiest of the busy first few weeks of the fall semester. The City, the Police, and the University walk into a bar have gone to great pains over the last couple of years to make this as smooth an adjustment as possible for the People. So how did they do this past weekend?
Below are the stats courtesy of the Guelph Police Service:
Impaired driving / over 80 - motor vehicle: 4
Open Liquor: 83
Public Intoxication arrests: 13
Present as evidence of age documentation (fake ID): 5
Public urination charges: 12
Noise complaints investigated: 171
Noise by-law charges: 5
Nuisance Party: 5
Vehicles ticketed in Downtown: 87
Vehicles towed from Downtown: 18
Meanwhile on campus, things became decidedly more serious. Here's a note from the campus police:
On September 18 at 23:32 campus police responded to a disturbance in a residence building on campus. While taking control of the incident an officer was assaulted requiring him to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment. Charges were laid and the police investigation is continuing.
Safe Semester will continue every weekend from now until October 3, and will return for the Halloween weekend, as Halloween actually falls on a Saturday this year.

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