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Monday, August 10, 2015

Fair Vote Guelph to Hold Candidates Forum

In what maybe the first all candidates meet-up of the season, Fair Vote Guelph is advertising that they have invited the four major party candidates to a forum that they will holding the second week of September.

A newsletter from Fair Vote Guelph said each of the four major party candidates - Lloyd Longfield of the Liberals, Gloria Kovach of the Conservatives, Andrew Seagram of the NDP, and Gord Miller of the Green Party - will be given a chance to speak on electoral reform issues and the state of Canadian democracy.
Anita Nickerson, Fair Vote Action Coordinator of Fair Vote Canada, will also be there to talk about the differences between First-Past-the-Post vs. Proportional Representation. Electoral reform was a major topic in last week's Maclean's debate. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said that his party, if elected, will pursue electoral reform in time for the 2019 campaign. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that it's his intention to pass legislation to make anyone seeking any kind of electoral reform to have to get approval through a national referendum first.
The forum will take place on September 10 at the Lakeside Hope House downtown.

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Laurel L. Russwurm said...

I have always understood Fair Vote Canada to be a multi-partisan grassroots movement interested in introducing fair voting so ALL votes count. Limiting the candidate panelists on an electoral reform forum during an election to the four major parties doesn't sound very "grass roots" to me.

Canadians have so many political parties is because 2 simply are not enough. Arbitrarily deciding to exclude any of them does a disservice to citizens. I'm pretty horrified that Fair Vote Guelph would exclude candidates from "too small" parties. After all, that is the justification used to exclude Elizabeth May from national leadership debates, and it doesn't fly there, either.