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Thursday, May 14, 2015

More Food Trucks in Guelph? Have Your Say

Interested in having more variety in terms of mobile food options? Well, the City of Guelph wants you're feedback in regards to food trucks, and the by-laws that allow or prevent their entry in the Guelph food scene. There's a vexing lack of food trucks in the city, but in many cities there's a tension between that side of the business and more traditional restaurants, and it would be safe to say that Guelph is no exception. So is the city opening a can of worms with this debate? Perhaps, but regardless, the city is looking for feedback on the issue. 

According to a city press release, the city wants to hear your opinion on food trucks and proposed changes to the Business Licensing By-law between May 19 and May 31 using one of the following options: 
1. Log onto guelph.ca/by-laws > Draft by-laws and by-law reviews,
2. Send an email to mobilefoodcomments@guelph.ca, or
3. Phone City staff at 519-822-1260 extension 2422.
If you would rather talk about the matter in person, delegations are invited to register and speak at a Public Services Committee on July t at 5 pm, or at the city council meeting where the report will be presented on July 20.
This comes after Food Truck Freedom Day in Toronto yesterday. It accompanied the loosening of restrictions for food trucks in the city, allowing them to operate 30 metres from an open and operating restaurant, and they can now stay in one place for five hours every 24 hours, which is an increase from three.This comes after last year's decision to allow food trucks to operate out of downtown parking spots. 
"Thankfully I can say this week we will be easing restrictions that will allow food trucks to operate in a way that sets them up for success – and frankly just makes sense," said Toronto Mayor John Tory. 

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