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Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Website Wants to Celebrate Guelph

So I was browsing around the Guelph sub-Reddit the other day, and I came across a post linking to a new website meant to celebrate all things royally awesome about the Royal City. The post spoke to me because four years ago I wrote a post called "50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in Guelph," which remains one of Politico's most popular posts ever. I suppose we all are looking for a way to share the things we love about Guelph, and now it looks like someone wants to do that on an ongoing basis.

Guelph enthusiast Fareed Quraishi is the mind behind "Guelphlandia" a new blog and social media hub meant to promote the things you love about the Royal City.
"Guelphlandia is a community setup to highlight and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of this fair city," Quraishi writes on the blog. "Exposing the many pockets of culture that have been created by loving and quirky citizens of this city. We host this blog to generate content about the beautiful things that happen in this city and the undercurrent of staples that build the foundation of this cities culture. We bring these wonderful qualities to the forefront and allows an accessible way for both citizens and guests to this city to be able to participate."
According to Quraishi, he will also be launching an annual Guelphite Awards ceremony to take place every May starting this very year. There's no details on that yet, but Quraishi says details will be revealed as we get closer to the event. Get your nominations papers ready!
You can connect to Guelphlandia at the website, or on Facebook.

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