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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who's Doing What on Committees and Boards at City Hall?

Being a part of city council isn't all galas and townhalls, you know. There's also a lot of committee work involved, AKA: where much of the real work of city hall gets done. As per usual at the beginning of a new term of council, new assignments for city council;s standing committees, board and agencies were organized at last night's meeting. The full list is provided below.

Here's the press release from City Hall: 
Guelph, ON, December 16, 2014 – Last night, Guelph City Council finalized all appointments to the Standing Committees, Boards and Agencies. Council has aligned its standing committees with City Hall’s new organizational structure, and appointed members for a two year term.

Council Standing Committees
  • Audit Committee – Mayor Guthrie and Councillors Allt, MacKinnon, Van Hellemond and Wettstein (Chair)
  • Corporate Services – Mayor Guthrie and Councillors Allt, Billings, Hofland (Chair), and MacKinnon
  • Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise – Mayor Guthrie and Councillors Bell (Chair), Gibson, Piper and Salisbury
  • Public Services – Mayor Guthrie and Councillors Billings, Downer (Chair), Gordon and Van Hellemond
  • Governance Committee – Mayor Guthrie (Chair) and Councillors Wettstein, Hofland, Bell and Downer
  • Nominating Committee – Mayor Guthrie (Chair) and Councillors Wettstein, Hofland, Bell and Downer
Boards and Agencies
  • Board of Trustees of The Elliott Community – Councillor Gordon
  • Grand River Conservation Authority – Councillors Bell and Salisbury
  • Guelph Junction Railway Company Directors – Mayor Guthrie
  • Guelph Police Services Board – Mayor Guthrie and Councillor Piper
  • Guelph Public Library Board – Councillor Gordon
  • MacDonald Stewart Community Art Centre Board – Councillor Allt
  • Well Interference Committee – Councillors Allt, Gibson and Van Hellemond
  • Downtown Guelph Business Association – Councillors Downer and Gibson
  • Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. – Councillor Wettstein
  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health – Councillors Billings, Hofland and MacKinnon
Learn more about Standing Committees, Boards and Agencies at guelph.ca/city-hall.

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