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Monday, September 15, 2014

VIDEO - Guthrie Official Launches Campaign with Barbeque

The last time Cam Guthrie called all his supporters together for a campaign event, it was a blizzard-y day in January to announce his intention to run to become Mayor of Guelph. On this Thursday evening in September though, the weather was better, but the crowd wasn't any less enthusiastic nine months later about supporting their man Guthrie in his bid. With camera in hand, I went to Guthrie's official opening of his new campaign HQ on Wyndham St. S. and talked to some of the people who were there to celebrate the occasion, what their issues were and why they're supporting Guelph. Both of the main contenders have officially launched their campaign now, so it's a race to Election Day now, everyone. Watch the video below.

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