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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

James Gordon to Give Municipal Politics a Try

After two turns running for provincial office, James Gordon is throwing his hat into the Ward 2 race in this fall's municipal election. Gordon officially filed his papers yesterday joining a five person race (so far) that includes Ray Ferraro, Chris Keleher Sr., Sian Matwey, and Mark Paralovos. 

In other Ward 2 news, incumbent councillor Ian Findlay announced that he was stepping down at the end of this term, and has decided not to run for re-election. According to Gordon, Findlay's decision to step down inspired him to step up. "I really was an admirer of the progressive councillor he was, and as a resident of Ward 2 it was important to me to think that there could be a progressive voice representing Ward 2," the musician/politician told the Guelph Mercury.
Finlay was first elected in 2006 with just under 22 per cent of the vote in Ward 2; when he ran for re-election in 2010, his share of the vote increased to nearly 25 per cent. The owner of Thomas Video has been one of the most visible members of council in his eight year thanks to his Ward 2 blog, in whcih he posted notices from city hall and feedback and critiques from people in his ward. The status of Findlay's wardmate, Andy Van Hellemond, and whether or not he intends for re-election, is still unknown.
Findlay's resignation in Ward 2 brings the number of open seats on city council up to four now including two vacant seats in Ward 4 and one seat in Ward 5. Along with Van Hellemond, Ward 1 Councillors Bob Bell and Jim Furfaro have yet to declare their intent to run again.

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Anonymous said...

Smart move for l'll Jimmy
Stint in the "minor" league and an opportunity to display some political gravitas may convince voters at the provincial (or federal?)level, other than core NDP, to seriously consider his candidacy