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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who Wants to be Guelph's Conservative Nominee for 2015?

Now to me, this is the most interesting federal race of 2015. Considering that the last Conservative candidate was involved in a nationally televised investigation into an alleged attempt to defraud voters of their ballot, it should be unsurprising that the local riding office might have difficulty finding a new candidate, but that doesn't mean they're not going to try. Starting now. Over a year in advanced of the next election.
Yup, it's a pre-call for nominations. First noticed by the Guelph Mercury's Phil Andrews on his blog, the Guelph Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party is apparently setting out to collect names to represent the party locally in the 2015 election. That person, whoever they may end up being, is not going to have an easy job. Yes, they'll be running in the shadow of Marty Burke, but they'll also be running against a popular incumbent who's party (presently) has electoral momentum while representing a party that's struggling after eight years in power on a number of different issues. 
So, are you interested? The Guelph EDA has posted a list of things you need to know if you want to run for the Conservative Party of Canada, in Guelph, next year. Here's the announcement from the CPC Guelph EDA website


The first thing you should do is to contact Steve Vos, President of the Guelph Conservative EDA, and set up an informal meeting to discuss your interest and find out more about the Guelph EDA. Steve can be reached at president@guelphcp.ca.

If you decide to apply to become Guelph’s Conservative candidate, you must prepare a Nomination Application Package. It is described in detail in the Party’s Candidate Nomination Rules and Procedures. This document includes other key information such as:

1. Candidates have until 5:00 p.m. EST fourteen (14) days after the local nomination has been officially opened to submit a Nomination Application Package. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATION PACKAGES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL THE GUELPH EDA NOMINATION HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY OPENED. THE GUELPH EDA NOMINATION HAS NOT YET BEEN OFFICIALLY OPENED.

2. Candidates should submit their application packages as soon as possible after the Guelph Conservative EDA nomination has been officially opened so that they can be reviewed by Party Headquarters and any deficiencies can be identified and addressed.

3. Applicants must submit two (2) complete application packages. One must be sent to the National Candidate Selection Committee at Party Headquarters in Ottawa. A copy must be sent at the same time to Neal Ruton, Chair of the Guelph Conservative EDA Candidate Nomination Committee (cnc@guelphcp.ca).

4. The package sent to Party Headquarters must include a $1,000 certified cheque or bank draft payable to Conservative Fund Canada from the nomination campaign bank account. This amount serves as a Good Conduct Bond and will ultimately be returned to the Applicant.

5. Every Applicant will be interviewed by the Guelph EDA’s Candidate Nomination Committee (CNC) within seven (7) days of receipt of his or her application package by Party Headquarters and the CNC.

6. The Nomination Meeting will occur approximately 30 days after the close of nominations. Only people who have been Conservative Party of Canada members for at least 21 days prior to the nomination meeting are eligible to vote. Ballots will be marked in secret. No proxy voting will be allowed.

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