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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guelph Politicast #2.2 - Frank Valeriote

So it's taken a while to get to episode two, but we're here now for what I hope is the first of a string of regular Guelph Politicasts. In this edition, I talk to our local Member of Parliament Frank Valeriote.
Valeriote, who is on extended summer break from the House of Commons since the government prorogued Parliament in August, was recently promoted to the position of Deputy Whip. It's one of many things that Valeriote's taken on as both a parliamentary and Guelph's federal representative, and we talk about many of those things on his to-do list over the course of our conversation.
We also talk about the tenor of Question Period, the fallout from robocalls and the Senate scandal, his thoughts on Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his push to legalize pot. We also talk at the end about the things that keep him hopeful about politics, as well as what makes him pessimistic.
Click play on the player below to listen to the full interview, or download it here.

Coming up, future installments of the Politicast will include interviews with Guelph Civic League President Andy Best, local artist David J. Knight, and more. So keep an eye open for next episode of the Guelph Politicast!

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