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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Transit Manager Hired

Michael Anders departure from City Hall wasn't exactly well-publicized, but then again what loss of an upper manager from a city post is? Still, the city sent out a press release today advertising the hiring of Phil Meagher as the city's new Manager of Transit Operations and interim General Manager of Guelph Transit. 
Meagher will have a tough road ahead of him. Although I haven't heard any widespread descent lately, there's still some lingering anger about the effectiveness of Guelph Tranist, and the manner in which recent changes were executed and the unexpected negative impact on riders that have been experienced as a result. Chances are though, the pending return of the University of Guelph students and the ongoing road construction will represent a few short term challenges, as well I'm sure budget will be an issue as we head further into fall and the question of service cuts or fare hikes comes to the fore.
Here's the city press release
GUELPH, ON, August 22, 2013 – The City of Guelph is pleased to welcome Phil Meagher as Guelph Transit’s manager of Transit Operations.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Phil to the City of Guelph and to his position as the manager of Transit Operations,” noted Derek McCaughan, executive director of Operations, Transit and Emergency Services. “We are confident Phil has the skills and experience necessary to secure the best possible transit service for riders, and overall satisfaction for the community at large.”

Meagher’s professional portfolio includes extensive management experience in the transit industry, including superintendent of Queensway (Bus) Division at the Toronto Transit Commission, general manager of Oshawa Transit Commission, and deputy general manager of Operations at Durham Region Transit. Most recently, in his role as the manager of transportation at the Niagara Parks Commission, Meagher oversaw the introduction of the WEGO Visitor Transportation System.

Meagher will also act as interim General Manager of Guelph Transit while the City recruits for a candidate to permanently fill the role.

Meagher’s vast experience and passion for customer service excellence will provide strong leadership in the continued implementation of the service enhancements identified in the City’s Transit Growth Strategy and contribute to excellent transit service for riders.

Meagher started with Guelph Transit on Monday, August 12.

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