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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Guelph Politicast Season 2 Starts With Guelph Pride

For the first episode of what I'm calling the second season of Guelph Politicast, it seemed right to make it an occasion, and I found one.
Next week, the tenth annual Guelph Pride festivities begin, with a week-long celebration of all things, well, queer. Guelph's inclusive atmosphere and progressive politics have made the Royal City a homely place for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or any other term that covers the broad new definitions of gender and sexual identity, and that tradition continues as Guelph Pride enters its 10th year in 2013.
This past week I sat down with Guelph Pride chairperson Dillon March and his fellow committee members Kelsey Atkinson-Derasp, Andrea McCoy and Thomas Sasso at Out on the Shelf, the queer library and resource centre in Downtown Guelph, to talk about the upcoming festivities of Guelph Pride 2013, and the current issues around the LGBT community.
Production note: McCoy joined us after we were into the recording. She wasn't introduced out front, so when you hear a new voice enter the conversation, that's her.
As I said, this the first episode of this regular podcast. I actually haven't had much of a chance to both conduct an interview and use the podcast recording equipment, so I hope everything sounds okay to your ears. If not, think of it as a work in progress. Also, I am looking to syndicate Guelph Politicast through iTunes, where, if you're a fan, you can subscribe to it. But until that happens, you can watch this space for new episodes, or go to the Guelph Politicast page on my host Podbean.
So without further ado, let's begin the Politicast....

Theme music by Goto80 and Uwe Schenk, "Volksing Ferretismico" from the album The Ferret Show, courtesy of Free Music Archive.
For more on Guelph Pride, visit their website.

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