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Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Joke! Transit on Modified Service


Now this is a snow day! Been a while since we've seen one of these. Probably why Guelph Transit is on modified service this morning.
Here's the release from Guelph Transit.
Guelph Transit is running base conventional service (routes 1 to 16, and 20) as well as north and south community buses.The University Express routes are not running today as the University of Guelph is closed.
Limited mobility services will be provided today, for medical appointments only. Discretionary trips will be rescheduled.
Delays are expected due to severe winter weather. Please plan your trip accordingly and give yourself extra time to travel to your destination.
Check back regularly for updates.
The University of Guelph is indeed closed, which is a rare occurance indeed. People joke about hell freezing over, when I was a student, we'd sub Hell for the U of G. But for Tranist updates, I might suggest to keep you eye on Guelph Transit's Twitter feed. Otherwise, the best advice might be to stay home today, and enjoy a mug of your favourite warm beverage.

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