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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Loop is Safe

It was somewhat a disturbing situation for me when I noticed that a local events listing site that I've used as both an appreciator and promoter of the arts was now another front for the Bell Media omnivore.
Well good news, because The Loop lives on, granted now rebranded now as The Local Loop. 
Mary Cross, publisher of The Loop, sent out a message to Loop subscribers today to reassure us all that her site is alive and well, and looking to take this opportunity to revamp. "I know that so many people feel that The Loop is a valuable contribution to local culture and count on it every week but I need the time to generate new ideas and energy around The Loop and how it could transform for the community," wrote Cross.
She added that while the calendar will remain active, the Local Loop's Twitter and Facebook are "on hiatus." She's also looking for suggestions on how the Local Loop maybe new and different from the plain old Loop, and subscribers are asked to send in any ideas if they have them.
The New Loop.ca, meanwhile, is now a porthole for Sympatico for the same old movie, TV, fashion and gossip information that you can get on a million different sites already. Cheers to originality.

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