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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Film Liaison Post Filled

The Guelph Mercury reported on the weekend that after an internal competition someone has been selected to serve in the Film Liaison position vacated by Jennifer Peleschak earlier this fall. 
For a while there, those of us in the local filmmaking community had some concern that the city was going to leave the position vacant. Of course, Film Liaison Officer wasn't Peleschak's official position in City Hall, it was something she took up when the City started getting inquiries about shooting films, TV projects and commercials in Guelph. Jen was uniquely qualified for the post because she genuinely loves film and was supportive of all productions, from big international projects like Blindness to local indies like Mind's Eye. So I happily welcome our new Film Liaison, Christine Chapman, and say that as a filmmaker in Guelph, I look forward to working with her.
On a political (or Politico) note, I'm glad to see that the City is taking the position seriously. To say that me and others in the filmmaking community were worried was a bit of understatement because in the wake of an information vacuum from the City it seemed that the position was going to go unfilled. Despite assertions made in the election to the contrary, I've continued to wonder just how seriously City Hall takes the arts heritage and community they love to tout. Last week, I was at The Museum in Kitchener to hear Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau give a talk. The Museum is home right now to "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit" and Landau is one of a number of high profile guests (though he may be the profile that's highest). 
Basically, there's a feeling that Kitchener gets "it" more than Guelph right now. The Museum in downtown Kitchener is hosting big exhibits and Oscar-winning film producers, while in Guelph you've got a lot of people debating the wisdom of spending money to create a museum downtown. There's a genuine concern out there that Guelph is losing some of its lustre as a cultural centre. I hope appointing a new Film Liaison Officer is a good first step.

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