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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Program gets low-income adults in motion

I've had this press release sitting in my e-mail for a while. I'd liek to think I was saving it for the right time, and I'm going to stick to that. The Downtown 5K run is this Saturday, anyone looking for more information on it can scroll below after the press release or go to the Community Health Centre website here.

Guelph, ON - Angel Carraro has just received a boost in her efforts to become physically active. She has been provided with the most basic of exercise equipment - a pair of running shoes. Carraro notes, “It is really helpful to get a good quality pair of shoes, especially when on a budget and when you want to get active. It’s a good foundation for activity.”

Ms. Carraro’s shoes were provided by Guelph CHC’s Running Shoe Recycle Program, operated in partnership with local running store, the Running Works. Guelph CHC Health Promoter and Guelph in motion co-chair Karrie Cumming, says, “Competitive runners typically buy new running shoes every few months. While these used running shoes are no longer suitable for training, they still have many miles of life left in them to benefit Guelph CHC clients for activities like walking”. The Running Shoe Recycle Program collects high quality, gently used running shoes to distribute to Guelph CHC clients who need a good pair of shoes to support their efforts to be physically active.

While working with low income adults at Guelph CHC, Cumming noted that many people face barriers to being physically active. “It’s a common misperception that it is simply a matter of motivation. However, there are many factors that can stop someone from participating in exercise, such as financial barriers.” Cumming reports. “When working with some of our diabetic clients I would frequently notice that clients would be interested in beginning our program to assist in managing their blood sugar, however, they would not have a proper pair of shoes. Running shoes are a basic tool for many forms of exercise, so not having a pair is can really be a major obstacle to becoming active. This is especially true for diabetic’s who often have compromised circulation in their feet.”

Guelph CHC collects shoes in all men’s and women’s adult sizes. Shoes are only recycled if they are good quality (ie. Saucony, New Balance, Asics, etc.) and in good condition (ie. no holes and not very dirty). Running shoes are washed and fitted with insoles prior to distribution.

The Running Shoe Recycle program has been so successful at inspiring people to become active that a team of Guelph CHC clients, including Carraro, will be participating as walkers in this year’s Meridian Guelph Downtown 5K Run on September 26th. For more information about donating quality used running shoes or the Downtown 5K Run please call 519-821-6638.

About Guelph CHC

Guelph CHC is committed to working with our community to provide access to health programs and services, and create opportunities for people to improve their well-being. We are particularly focused on assisting people who are new to Canada or who face challenges such as low income, unemployment, isolation, homelessness and physical or mental disabilities.

About in motion

WDG in motion is a community partnership working to improve the health of our region by encouraging 30 minutes of daily physical activity for all residents. In motion is aimed at mobilizing people in our region to become more physically active by:

* Building awareness about local physical activity opportunities and the benefits of being active
* Reducing barriers to physical activity in our communities
* Identifying the creative use of leisure facilities, parks and open spaces to support broader participation
* Utilizing community events to celebrate and encourage physical activity
* Stimulating community dialogue and action to enhance physical activity opportunities
* Inspiring and engaging local schools in physical activity opportunities for children and youth.

Guelph in motion’s mission is to “create a culture of physical activity” in the City of Guelph.

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