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Thursday, August 13, 2009

...Only this time, David won!

As of yet I have not seen anything on the official lines, but this came through my Facebook message inbox from the group "Save Our Old Growth Forest" not 15 minutes ago.

[The] judge has made his decision, and has decided to grant BOTH injunctions!

what this means, is that the cities injunction for removal of protesters has been granted BUT because the defendants (us) filed an injunction against the city to stop work, this injunction has ALSO BEEN GRANTED.

MEANING that work at the HCBP cannot continue for 30 Days! 30 days ahead brings us to September 13, just two days before the city's deadline to have work completed. It has set this deadline in order to comply with restrictions around fisheries and habitat protection.

so it would seem that we beat them at their own game! We are just now waiting to hear how long we will have to clear the site, but will keep things updated on fb and on the website.

THANKS TO EVERYONE!!! and please stay tuned.... :)


Whoa. Needless to say that this situation has surpassed all expectations. I sure the City is preparing its response, and I'm sure the HCBP occupation group will have more to say once the news sinks in. And once I hear anything more I'll post straight away, but indeed, a huge victory for the grassroots greens, and dare I say, precedent setting.

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