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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help Get Mitch out of Canada

He's made the news all over the frakking place, and all he's doing is applying for a temporary full-time position.

My friend and partner in Synn Studios, Mitch Moffit, wants an all expenses paid trip to Australia where he'll work at a six-figure job to help maintain the Great Barrier Reef. The contest is sponsored by Tourism Queensland in Australia, who launched this global search for the right candidate resulting in 34,000-plus applications.

Now the vote is one for the Top 50, and Mitch is one of 7 Canadians - 3 from Ontario - to make the final cut. At last check he had 7,402 votes and was in second place following a contestant from Russia. But Mitch's video, as I'm sure you've witnessed, has gotten accolades for taking a musical approach.

Along with being Synn Studios' F/X guy, Mitch is a "well-known local theatre personality" as phrased by the Guelph Mercury. He was last seen on stage last fall in the River Run's production of Beauty and the Beast as Lumiere.

To vote for Mitch, click here. You can vote once every 24 hours:

You can also join the Facebook group by clicking here:


Good Luck Mitch! We're all pulling for you.

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