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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Thrift Store Getting Early Boot?

As noted in the local media, a plan to build a brand, new, spanking library on the corner of Wyndham and Woolwich was approved with a 10-2 vote at city council Monday night. The stretch that includes the Cowboy Bar and the Family Thrift Store, and formally housed Fresh Start and Wyndham Arts, has been pretty much in limbo the last few years as the debate about the location of the new main branch of the public library thundered on.

It's come to a head in the last several months as that section of buildings has slowly been abandoned by those who can move, while a few business have stayed in hopes that they won't lose the location that's been the source of their livelihood. The Family Thrift Store especially because it's been such an asset to members of the community of limited means. And because of this, the public gallery at council was packed on Monday as many spoke against the proposed plan in defense the business.

But now that the plan is passed, it's just a matter of time until eviction notices go out: about two weeks, actually. That's what the owner of the Family Thrift Store told my editor at Echo Weekly. He has two weeks to move out. If true that's unbelievable and unacceptable. If you've ever been in the Family Thrift store, you know it's veritably packed to the rafters on two levels, with a load of furniture in the basement and a ton of clothing, books and knick-knacks on street level. In fact, I had already heard that the store would have to abandon some things to demolition because they can't possibly move it all.

But two weeks, if true, is really hitting below the belt, and not just for the store but for the artist and musicians that rent space above the store. The city says in a press release that the Guelph Downtown Business Association would help affected businesses with their relocation, but come on - two weeks? Again, I'm not sure if this is true. It's third hand information that needs corroboration, and we're actually seeing if we can do a full-blown cover story about it for an upcoming issue of Echo.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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Andy said...

Two weeks refers to when my lease is up. The landlord (Milan Lesic) was in to see me yesterday and informed me that if I want to stay then he would like to increase my rent. What a waste of skin he is, sort of a combination of Monty Burns and Scrooge. I pay more when my sales are halved because the city drove away all of my neighbours by illegally releasing site-plans two years ago, even before they had officially chosen a site.

You see, ironically I am worth more to him gone because then he gets more compensation from the city because of "rent-hardship."

What a lovely world we live in. Love and peace, Ray.